emergency preparedness & response

Emergency management solutions:
How TechStart can serve first responder needs

FirefightingTechStart provides global, mobile satellite communications capability to support disaster preparedness and relief operations. TechStart satcom solutions are self-sufficient and can be operational within 5-10 minutes of arriving at the disaster scene. They operate independently or in conjunction with surviving local telecommunications infrastructures, and can be operated on batteries or on generator power.

TechStart Unified Communications systems can be configured to provide interoperable communications between multiple independent relief teams working in the same locality with different equipment or on different frequencies or to provide direct links to relief agencies and material suppliers worldwide.

Mobile command vehicleWhile TechStart is ready to provide training on its systems, deployable TechStart satcom solutions are simple to operate, and can be set up relatively quickly and operated by untrained personnel using instructions provided with the equipment.

The equipment is compact and lightweight. Some models can be hand carried.

Choose what works best for your anticipated challenges and don't hesitate to contact us to set up your tailored solution. Click here to see our "a la carte" standalone equipment.


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